G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church is affiliated to the Godavari Delta Mission, a movement of Churches in the Godavari districts. Each individual church is self governing, but commits itself to working together with other churches in the movement for the purpose of, mutual support and the spread of the gospel in and around the Godavari Districts.

The GDM churches in Godavari Delta region was formed in 1886 and has experienced consistent growth, particularly in the last two decades.

The following is a brief outline on the Heritage and History of the G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church, Antarvedi Palem.

The G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church is unique among Christian movements in the Godavari Delta region.

In the early years of the movement, growth was very slow but firm foundations were set in place. The G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church had many mile stones in its History. It was established by Mrs. Kollabathula Pallamma with a small group of people at her residence on 31st December 1886. This small group was lead by Oguri Paul, who accepted Jesus Christ as savior in Burma and returned back to Homeland to preach the good news.. First believers of GDM St. Paul’s New Church were Kollabathula Sathiyya, Pentayya, Samson, china pentayya and Gnana Prakasam. In the year 1890 some more people were accepted the lord and baptized. They were Gangayya S/O Kollabathula Pallamma, Oguri Subuddi, Ganta Samuel, Ganta Abraham, Oguri Daniel, and Kollabathula Prakasham. They were baptized by Oguri Paul. In the year 1898, nearly 20 people of various villages accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and started attending the church. The church was flourished day by day and had recorded 100 believers unto the year 1900. As the crowd increased, the worshipping place was shifted to Kollabathula Gabriel’s land where a prayer house was constructed with Palm leaves. The church had recorded tremendous growth in the year 1905, and the premises of the church at Kollabathula Gabriel’s land was moved to Coconut Canal Road where Beera families were living together. The church was constructed in the Government land with the support of Missionaries. As the years passed by, the believers also increased and the premises of the church was not enough for the conduct of worship. Again, a new construction was required to gather together as a church. A committee was formed in 1940 for the construction of church under the leadership of Kollabathula Gnana Prakasam. Foundation stone was laid down by the Missionary P.C.White House in 1940. The construction work continued for five long years and The G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church was started on 01-01-1945. G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church was driven by great legendary leaders of their time and Gods servants like Pastor K.P Lazarus, Pastor Dondapati Purushotham, Pastor Ganta China Samuel, Kollabathula Surya Rao. Under the guidance of Ganta China Samuel, in the year 1940 the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was formed for the spiritual growth of the youth. Later it was renamed as Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) by Dr. O.M Prasad in order to train the youth for ministry. Various leaders arose through YMCA and YEF to bring leadership and direction to the movement such as Dr.O.M. Prasad, Pastor K.M.G. Vijayam and Pastor Sam K. Ganta. These three great personalities are feeding Gods word to the members of the G.D.M St. Paul’s New Church, Antarvedi Palem.