Complete History               Pastor G.C.Samuel              

  In the 18th century there was no education, civilization and proper transport facilities were there in the Godavari districts. People were wandering for the betterment of their lives. By that time a man called Oguri Pallayya went to Burma in search of a livelihood. With the help of a Burmese friend he got a job in port and helped many to get job in the port. He was renamed as Paul after accepting Jesus Christ as the savior in Burma. He got baptized in Burma and filled with compassion for the people of homeland. He is the chosen man by the lord god to spread the Good news to the Godavari districts. He is the man who had a quest towards the people of the native place. His zeal towards the perishing souls of Antarvedi Palem forced him to turn back to the Homeland. He is the man of god with a passion to spread the gospel.

  In the beginning he had faced many problems and barriers to preach the gospel. He was ready to bear anything for the sake of the Almighty Jesus Christ, albeit his wife Gangamma ever believed him. After observing the great change in him she followed Jesus. Her parents denied accepting her as the child of God. Both the wife and husband bear everything with patience and spread the good news to the people of the Godavari districts.

  In 1885 the man of god, Oguri Paul started preaching the good news proclaiming that Jesus is the only god through whom one can attain eternity. He started distributing tracts wherever he goes. One fine day while passing through the street of Kollabathula family, a woman called Kollabathula Pallamma, who is the wife of Mr.China Pentayya enquired about his preaching. Oguri Paul explained how Lord God spoke to him in Burma and how he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

  The other day while going to Narsapur Paul started preaching the gospel and some members beat him brutally. The bleeding of Paul’s body attracted the attention of the missionaries. They wanted to punish the persons who beat Paul but he denied doing so. He wanted to bear anything for the sake of the Lord and wanted to show God’s love . According to K.P Lazarus, Paul believed and said that, “every drop of my blood is going to be a church”. We are the witness for that. Now his great grandson Bro. Oguri Samuel has dedicated his life to feed the word of God to the GDM St. Paul Centenary Church, Mori.

  Once again Paul was beaten up badly and while his passing through the Kollabathula’s area Kollabathula Pallamma observed his bleeding and enquired about the incident. He said that, “these are the wounds for the sake of Jesus”. He explained about the lord’s death on the cross of Calvary and about the eternal life. Pallamma took him to her home and cleaned his wounds. At that time Pallamma’s husband fall sick and got healed after Paul’s prayer. She believed that God’s power is there with Paul and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. She got baptized by Thomas Heelis in the year 1886 at Narsapur. She is the first Christian and believer of the church.