Dr. O.M Prasad

He shares a passion for strengthening leaders and churches and has considerable experience ministering in and around the globe. Motivated by a great love for the local church and their pastors.

Pastor O. M. Prasad enjoys giving himself to see the Church come to a new level. This is accompanied by a desire to see the younger generations to be a part of church. He believes in the generation that the Lord is now bringing forth and loves to see them mentored and released in their gifting. He worked for the youngsters and mentored many young souls into Gods work.

Pastor K.M.G Vijayam

He is a great preacher and teacher with a passion to see people and families restored into the safe hands of the God. He is passionate for the presence of God, passionate to reach the unreached.

He has a vision for a powerful, disciple making church that impacts the places. He had carried the gospel from place to place. He is the visionary and motivator of the people. His preaching from the Living Word of God breaks it down into understandable, useable tools that people can apply to bring about change for the good in their lives, He teaches about the authority, power and prosperity that belong to people here in the earth.

Pastor Sam K. Ganta

He is known for his talents in music and singing in and around the Delta region. He is very passionate about the children and youth. He is convinced that strong healthy churches need to be lead by strong healthy youngsters. His unbridled passion and enthusiasm to preach God’s word through music was a magnet to many. His singing team strives to conduct an appropriate time of worship each Sunday for God's people to worship Him. He considers it a privilege to be in the position to lead the church in such an important act of worship.

Our Church Committee

Our Evangelism Team

Bro. K. Joshua Rao
Bro. G. William Carey

Our Executive Committee

K.V.A. Raj Kumar – President
O. Israel – Vice President
G. Phinehas – Secretary
Ch. Bhaskara Rao – Jnt Secretary
K. M. Prasad - Treasurer

Our Groups

Sunday school
Youth Evangelical Fellowship
Evening Prayer Team
Women cell

Our Church Committee

B. Sundara Rao
Ch. Dasu
Ch. Sugunnadam
Ch. Samuel Raju
G. Sundara Rao
G. Sampada Rao
G. Raja Sekhar
K. Paul Raj
M. Emmanuel
N. Chitti Babu
N. Solman Raju
N. Yesu Ratnam
O. Tondon Raju
U. Samuel John
Y. John Prakasha Rao.